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iFastime Video Converter Ultimate for Mac Review

  • Ivana Bubanj Ivana Bubanj

    Best Ever

    I have iFastime Video Converter Ultimate for Mac, and so far this is the best. It's easy to use and has a brilliant interface. Then there is the added bonus of a great support team. Thank you all!

  • Yecenia Moreno Yecenia Moreno

    All format

    This is one of my favorite software on my computer. You can get all sorts of video formats. No worry about the video formats any more.

  • Daniele Nosella Daniele Nosella


    No better editor/converter out there. No format is too obscure for this program. Seriously, I'm watching DVD rips on a TV right now! Crazy.

  • Kubik Taran Kubik Taran

    Greate software that worth a five star

    I have just download this program. To my great surprise, it allows me import the XAVC MXF files captures with my professional Sony camcorder. I have been searching on the Internet for a long time, and finally I find it. It helps me to output Sony XVAC files to Apple Prores Codec in various different formats so that I can do the editing on Final Cut Pro with no difficulty.

  • Cara Lavan Cara Lavan

    The software does a good job

    I having tried and tested many different video conversion packages I finally decide to pay for this one. It's very easy with ease with friendly user-interface, providing us just the information we need. With the preset devices optimized file formats, I can directly output my video to my portable devices compatible file formats without any extra settings. There are many other package tools will sometimes produce jerky or incomplete conversions, but iFastime Video Converter Ultimate for Mac does it seamlessly and successfully.

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