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Make Tour of The White House In Virtual Reality with Google Cardboard

For the first time, every American can take a "tour" of the White House on the same day — without getting a single muddy footprint on the fancy rugs. The White House just posted a 360-degree five-minute video tour of the 215-year old building — all decked out in its holiday splendor — that when viewed with Google Cardboard and your smartphone will allow folks to view the experience in virtual reality. This video was made with the new Google's Jump Rig with 16 gopro.

In a 5 minutes Video, you can see the inside of the White House over the Google Cardboard, including a quickview some of the White House's rooms and corridors and more specifically the Christmas trees and his ornaments, and of course you can also have a look at the China Room, Vermeil Room, the White House Library, East Garden Room, and East Colonnade.

The video is more than enough to take a look to this famous place right from your sofa. Check it below:

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