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iFastime Video Converter Ultimate Review

  • Angela Lucy Angela Lucy

    It is the best I have ever had by far

    I was not sure when thinking of purchasing this program after buying several other so called converters and finding them to be not that good, but I went ahead and bought it. Well I am really amazed as to what this program can do apart from convert, it is the best I have ever had by far. Converting to any thing you can think of, DVD Ripping, optimized profiles for TV.

  • Amy Walgenbach Amy Walgenbach

    Yes, Ultimate!

    When they say Ultimate, they mean ultimate. Why? What doesn't it do? I was able to take some very old DVD rips in ISO format and convert them to play perfectly on my Kindle Fire. Awesome!

  • Krista Sanders Krista Sanders

    Does all things for you

    iFastime Video Converter Ultimate does everything for video I could ever want. I dump my camcorder videos to my PC, drag them into VCU, edit, adjust video settings, find the right output format—and I’ve got great looking video to share in a snap.

  • ALex Zhukovich ALex Zhukovich

    Save your time

    Recommend for the speed of converting, incredible fast that save your time. And the preview function make the waiting time more pleased by previewing.

  • Jaydian Cepeda Jaydian Cepeda

    Beneficial daily user conversion tool

    iFastime has all the thing necessary for a daily user, besides basic conversion functions that can satisfy my need, I can also use it to trim video clips, rotate video, merge separate video, crop video file size, change output aspect ratio, apply special effects also insert subtitles to movies. The program does not only do the works, but also do them perfectly. I really like its versatile editing functions. What’s most important, it provides a good conversion with better output quality.

  • Rose Malone Rose Malone

    This is all I need

    This program keeps amazing me every week. I originally just used it to convert the format of my online downloaded videos to iTunes for watching on my iPhone. But later I discovered that it also allows me to encode my video to H.265 codec. I have lot of movies downloaded to my local computer drive, I can now backup them with H.265 codec so that I can save more space for more online downloaded movies. I’m so glad with iFastime Video Converter Ultimate and thanks so much for such a superior products.

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