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Solutions for playing a (3D Blu-ray) ISO on LG TV

(3D Blu-ray) ISO won't be played on LG TV through Plex

It seems that you are facing with such problems each time you want to stream and play a (3D Blu-ray) ISO on LG TV through Plex:

  • Download a Blu-Ray 3D movie and the file is an .iso. Unfortunately, LG TV cannot support it from Plex.
  • Playback with no audios or subtitles

This is all because (3D Blu-ray) ISO is not included in LG TV/Plex supported formats, there is no way to watch ISO movies directly on your LG TV through Plex.

Solutions for playing (3D Blu-ray) ISO on LG TV from Plex

Don't be frustrated, some effective solutions which guaranteed to play ISO files on LG TV via Plex without problems are as follow:

  • For most of ISO files, the MakeMKV application may be a good choice. It is available for Windows and OS X and can extract the audio, video, and subtitle tracks from your source, then remux them into a standard MKV container. But there is no way to rencoded them into other fromats.
  • You can also transcode the ISO content with Handbrake. No visually-noticeable loss of quality if done well but may take too much time to process.
  • Using a powerful third-party video converter to solve problems like format not supported by LG TV/Plex. Maybe iFastime Video Converter Ultimate is a good choice.

Advantages of iFastime:

1. Having the powerful and fast convert speed: 6X convert speed can largely save users time
2. Capable to preview and rip Blu-ray and DVD at the same time. No need to buy a Blu-ray/DVD Player and Ripper
3. Could create 3D movies in SBS, TB Anaglyph 3D effect out of (3D Blu-ray) ISO, 2D sources, 3D Blu-Ray, DVD movies
4. Can select desired subtitle, audio track from original ISO movies or attach SRT/ASS/SSA subtitles to source video with built-in video editing tool.
5. Easy-to-use
6. Life-long technical support and free update

Now free download or purchase iFastime Video Converter Ultimate. The following guide steps aim to help you get rid of some unnecessary troubles you may encount during your operation.

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Convert (3D Blu-ray) ISO files to play on LG TV through Plex  

Step 1. Add (3D Blu-ray) ISO files

Run the ISO to LG TV Converter and click "Load files(s) > Load IFO/ISO" to select and load the (3D Blu-ray) ISO image files to the program. If you also have other movies like MP4, MKV, MOV, H.265, Video_ts, Blu-ray, DVD, etc. which need to convert, you can add them at one time.

Step 2. Choose a format for LG TV

This converter provides optimized H.264 MP4 format for LG TV, you can just choose it. But if you want watch 3D Blu-ray ISO on LG TV with 3D effect, you can click "3D video" button and choose "MKV Top-Bottom 3D Video (*.mkv)" format.

Step 3:Set parameters about the output videos. 

In order to make you have a better visual effect, click the "Settings" button, You can adapt resolution, bit rate, audio channel etc. as you need.

Step 4: Start the conversation

Just need to click "Start conversion" to begin converting (3D Blu-Ray) ISO to LG TV. Once the conversion is done, click "Open" to quickly find the converted movies and start streaming movies into Plex Media player for watching on LG TV.

Stream movies to LG TV through Plex

This part aims to give you some Specific tips for streaming movies to LG TV from your PC via Plex.

1. Downloaded the Media Server from LG official site, under this video guide to add plex on your LG TV

2. Create a Plex account. You don't have to have one if you don't want – just click the "Don't want an account" link at the somewhat-bottom of the screen, and you'll be transported to Plex's actual configuration screen. But it's better to have one, though; it makes remote streaming much, much easier. Once you're done, Plex will transport you to the primary configuration screen. The detail information about how to use Plex Media Server can be find here.

Or you can stream movies to LG TV using Windows Media Player:

Lunch Windows Media Player on Windows PC and click the icon "Stream" and then point to "Turn on home media streaming". youll find the "Media streaming options" page, go for "Turn on media streaming" button. Type the administrator password or provide the confirmation if necessary. Then Click the video you want to stream to the DLNA-compatible TV, and right-click the selected video to point to "Play to" option for streaming.

More transferring ways can be found here.

Now just follow this article you'll successfully play (3D Blu-ray) ISO movies on your LG TV through Plex.

External Reading:

Plex: PLEX (programming language), a programming language used by Ericsson for their AXE telephone exchange switches since 1970s...

See which Smart TV television models including LG TVs are supported by Plex in this article.

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