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Free Samsung Video Player Review: Make Watching Movies Easy

Watching locally stored video on Samsung smartphones and tablets are one of the prime reasons to own a Samsung product. What is the best Free Samsung Video Player Software 2016 that not only with an up-to-date user interface, slick performance, but also plays HD/Ultra HD videos in any format? That's not a hard question, today you are going to meet the top 10 world-class best video players for Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Tab S2, S6 Edge+, etc. which bring the best visual enhancement for your movie enjoying wherever you go.

How to Choose the Free Samsung Video Player?

Check the following aspects you need to consider before choosing the best free Samsung Video Player.

1. Is the best Samsung Video Player free of ads, virus, malware, spyware?
2. Does this best free video player for Samsung have slick and directive interface which easy in manipulating?
3. Does it have compact video playback function which plays video in any format with good quality?
4. Does the free player for Samsung have much more control over quality settings and controls?
5. Does it have great technical support so that you can get information and upgrade your software?

Ok, now let's look at the top 10 Best Free Samsung Video Player Software Review in 2016 with the above reference in mind.

2016 Top 10 Best Free Samsung Video Player Software Review

No. 1 Best Free Samsung Video Player - MoboPlayer

MoboPlayer is a video player developed exclusively for Samsung by Mobo Team. What makes it stand out from the rest is that it supports almost all common video formats (and more importantly plays them back with no lag!), subtitles, and HTTP streaming. It is also one of the most popular video playback apps available for Samsung with 5,000,000+ installations and counting! (Download it here)


  • One of the more steady and stable video players here.
  • Supposedly supports all formats but may require changing to software rendering to do it.
  • Subtitle support.
  • Video streaming support.


  • The UI isn't bad but the design is a little dated.
  • Minor hitches during playback.
  • As usual, a few bugs here and there depending on device and use case.


No. 2 Best Free Samsung Video Player - BSPlayer

BSPlayer is pretty highly configurable, but you can also start using it right away out of the box with almost any video file. It'll scan your system for playable media and play it all like a champ, with options for hardware decoding, network streaming, and a neat "pop out" player so you can watch videos while you do other stuff on your Samsung phone or tablet. The gestures for seeking, volume, brightness, and zoom are also great, and it's subtitle-friendly. (Download it here)


  • Hardware accelerated decoding support for single, dual, and quad core processors.
  • Support for most video file types.
  • Support for ARMv6 and ARMv5 devices.
  • Support for streaming content.


  • May be a bit buggy or laggy on midrange, low range, or older devices
  • The interface isn't terrible but it is a bit outdated.


No. 3 Best Free Samsung Video Player - VLC for Android

VLC media player is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player for Samsung that plays most multimedia files as well as discs, devices, and network streaming protocols. VLC is intended for everyone, is totally free, has no ads, no in-app-purchases, no spying and is developed by passionate volunteers. All the source code is available for free. (Download it here)


  • Vastly popular and trusted brand on Samsung
  • Hardware decoding on most devices.
  • Support for multi-track audio and subtitles.
  • Plays most video and audio codecs.
  • Surprisingly good for what they're calling 'an early beta.'


It is a beta which means there will be bugs. If you have a low tolerance for bugs, don't use this.

Editor's Note: YES, THAT VLC.

No. 4 Best Free Samsung Video Player - MX Player

MX Playerworks with a plenty of plug-ins so it is capable of playing the vast majority video formats on Samsung. However the recent a few updates of this best free Samsung video player has removed the DTS & DOLBY audio codec supports due to licensing issues which means videos contains the DTS/AC3/MLP audio tracks are not able to hear the sound while playing on Samsung devices. (Download it here)


  • Hardware acceleration support on single, dual, or quad core processors.
  • Subtitle support and extra features like Subtitle Gestures is a nice touch.
  • Kids Lock lets your kids watch videos without messing anything up.
  • Works on practically any device including niche ones like Google TV.
  • PInch to zoom and pan features that are kind of cool.
  • Plenty of plugins and extra stuff to help make it work better.


  • Bugs and issues on some devices.
  • Figuring out which plugins you need and whether an issue is a a real bug or a missing plugin is a pain.


No. 5 Best Free Samsung Video Player - DicePlayer

DicePlayer is the hardware accelerated media player for Samsung and is the only Samsung streaming media player which works on streams from FTP or SMB shares. It supports most of the video codecs and HTTP media live streaming with multiple bitrates. This application does not have as many features as other Samsung media players but the ability of streaming online media makes up for these wispy disadvantages. (Download it here)


  • Support for most of the most popular codecs.
  • Support for streaming media.
  • Speed controls allow up to two times speed.
  • Hardware acceleration support.
  • Subtitle support.


  • Buggy on some devices, including newer devices like the OnePlus One.
  • Not as feature rich as some other players.

Editor's Note: STEADY AS SHE GOES.

No. 6 Best Free Samsung Video Player - Feather

Feather is a newer application that’s up and coming. It removes a lot of the external features and focuses on doing one job and one job only which is playing your videos. It’s a bare bones player without the bells and whistles which may be what a lot of people are looking for. It’s new so it’s hard to gauge how well it does on every device, but it seems to be pretty solid so far. It also plays music! (Download it here)


  • Focuses on just playing video which means it does this fairly well.
  • Supports playlists for those who want to binge watch videos.
  • Nifty UI decision to put controls only in portrait mode. When you're in landscape, it's full screen video all the time.
  • Minimal interface is quick.


  • Limited video codec support.
  • Still very new so there are likely bugs that people haven't found yet.
  • Lack of features is kind of the point of this app, but if you need a feature-rich video player then this isn't it.


No. 7 Best Free Samsung Video Player - GPlayer (Super Video Floating)

This Samsung video player has a unique claim to fame. It has floating window support so you can watch videos in a re-sizable window instead of full screen like most of these other apps. There is also a full screen option for those who want that. This is great for those who want to watch some video while doing something in the background. It’s also fairly stable. (Download it here)


  • You can videos in a floating window or even multiple videos in multiple floating windows.
  • It can be themed to your tastes if you like that sort of thing.
  • Supports most popular codecs and streaming files.
  • Supports subtitles.
  • Group Play feature lets you stream videos to other people's devices if need be.


  • Bugs and various crash issues on some devices.
  • Some users have reported very high RAM use on their devices.


No. 8 Best Free Samsung Video Player - mVideoPlayer

mVideoPlayer is a popular free Samsung video player. It doesn’t have a lot of the features that many of these others do which is a shame but otherwise it works really well. It also has one of the best designed user interfaces of any video app on this list. (Download it here)


  • One of the best designed Samsung video player apps on this list.
  • Subtitle support.
  • Playlist support.
  • Save bookmarks in videos so you can continue where you left off.
  • Developer has added plenty of settings to let you tweak the app to work better.


  • Only supports the codecs your device natively supports. This is often mistaken as a 'bug' but the developer does warn about it in the app description.
  • There is a subtitle search feature which is cool but it is pretty buggy for a lot of people.


No. 9 Best Free Samsung Video Player - RockPlayer2

RockPlayer2 is a highly popular and stable Samsung video player option. It plays pretty much every codec and the developers even have an x86 version for those few that have x86 processors. It’s free to use with in app purchases. (Download it here)


  • Supports pretty much all codecs. Also plays music.
  • RockShare lets you share files to both Android and iOS users (who are also using RockPlayer2).
  • Control overhauls make things more touch friendly.
  • Supports streaming.
  • Supports subtitles.


  • The design is a little gaudy. Not bad, just a little gaudy.
  • Some bugs or performance issues depending on your device.
  • There are some people that still prefer the original RockPlayer.

Editor's Note: SOLID AS A ROCK.

No. 10 Best Free Samsung Video Player - Wondershare Player

You may remember Wondarshare for desktop software which included a pretty good video converter. It turns out they also have a video player available that’s pretty solid. It’s free to use so there is no harm in trying it out (Download it here)


  • Includes a unique discovery feature to help you find more videos to watch.
  • UPnP and DLNA support take a front seat with this video player.
  • Supports most codecs.
  • Supports streaming video.
  • Supports subtitles.


  • Bugs and issues reported here and there.
  • Some of the video streaming services (e.g. Hulu) don't work on some devices.


If we’ve missed any awesome free Samsung video players, please let us know in the comments below!

Make Watching Movies Easy with Free Samsung Video Player

After reviewing the best free Samsung Video Player 2016, sure you have decided to download which best video player for your Samsung products. However, none of the video player can ensure playing all HD/4K movies files on Samsung phone/tablet flawlessly especially the HD video files in large size. To enjoy various videos and movies on Samsung products without any playback problem, here we recommend you this top Video Converter for Samsung- iFastime Video Converter Ultimate, which enables you to

  • Convert any SD/HD/4K video to Samsung Galaxy Note 5/Tab S2/S6 Edge+ compatible MP4 formats with world's No.1 fast speed so that you can just freely watch any video on your Samsung portable devices on the go.
  • Rip Blu-ray/DVD to Samsung Android devices, Windows tablet- Galaxy TabPro S, Samsung HDTV/Ultra HD TV
  • Transcode 2D/3D movies into 3D videos for playback on Samsung Gear VR (2015) via Galaxy Note 4/5, S6 (Edge)
  • Assist you to trim clips, adjust settings and add watermarks and subtitles to your videos with a full-featured editor.
  • Provide solid support options. If you need to ask a question, there is email support, an in-application guide, FAQs, etc. at your disposal.

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