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How to View 3D movies with Samsung 3D TV via Kodi

Now, movies buffs don't have to go to theater to enjoy 3D movies, you can view 3D movies on Samsung 3D TV at home. Good News for 3D movie lovers is that, apart from bringing us overwhelming audio-visual banquet, watching 3D movies can boost our brain power according a new study. With Samsung 3D TV, 3D glasses, Kodi ready in hand, what you need to consider is how to create 3D movies for Samsung 3D TV via Kodi to watch at home. Read this article to find the best answer. 

Though 3D movies are favored by movie fans, few Samsung 3D TV can truly handle 3D movies playback without format compatibility issues and many users don't know how to make those different format 3D videos downloaded online playable on Samsung 3D TV via Kodi. At this time, you might need to get help from an easy-to-use third-party 3D video converter which helps you get over the format limits hurdle and create 3D movies for Samsung 3D TV smooth playback via Kodi pleasantly. Here is where iFastime Video Converter Ultimate can help.

With you can trouble-free encode HD 4K 3D movies in MKV, MTS, AVCHD etc. to SBS MP4, AVI, MKV which is best video formats for Samsung 3D TV/Kodi with untouched output image quality keeping original 3D effects. The NVIDIA CUDA and ATI Stream (AMD APP) technologies enable the converter to give 6× faster 3D movie conversion speed than common 3D video converter programs deliver. You can also use it to add subtitles, watermark to 3D movies, join split video file, trim, crop, adjust aspect ratio and more editing features.

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Encode 3D movies to Samsung 3D TV/Kodi for playback in 3D effects 

Step 1. Import 3D movies 

Backup your 3D movies to hard drive. Install and launch 3D to Samsung 3D TV Converter and drag and drop source 3D video files to the software. You can import multiple files at once thanks to batch conversion.

Step 2. Set Samsung 3D TV friendly format

Click Format and select "MP4 Side-by-Side 3D Video(*.mp4)" or "MKV Side-by-Side 3D Video(*.mkv)" under 3D Video for easy playback 3D movies on Samsung 3D TV.

Tip: By clicking the "Settings" button, you can modify the video/audio parameters like 1920*1080 (Full HD 1080P video resolution), which can help you get the output videos with high quality. Note that content mastered at 1920×1080 compressed side­-by-­side 3D should be resampled to 1920×540 resolution full side­-by­-side resolution.

Step 3. Start 3D movie to Samsung 3D TV conversion

Finally, tap the "Start Conversion" button to encode 3D movie files to a proper format for Samsung 3D TV. After conversion, click the "Open" option to locate the created 3D video and you are ready to set up your 3D TV and transfer your 3D movies to Samsung 3D TV for entertainment with 3D effect preserved. That's it! Start viewing your 3D movies!

Tip 1. Where to Find 3D Movies to Watch on computer?

If you have 3D Blu-ray discs, that's good. If not, you have many other ways to find 3D movie resources. 

1. 3D movie content provider

Some 3D movie streaming services like Netflix, MovieTube, Sony PlayStation Network, Amazon, Vudu, 3D-BlurayRental.com, Comcast Xfinity 3D, 3DGo, etc will allow you to online stream and watch 3D movies with 3D TV.

2. Best 3D movie download sites: 

There are many torrent sites like KickassTorrents, 3dmoviestreaming.com, divxcrawler.to, torrentz which provide many 3D movies via online movie download sites for you. But you will be at a risk of being attacked by virus in this case.  

The file size of 3D torrent download movies in 480P, 720P is acceptable, but if you are hoping to download Blu-ray HD 4K videos in 3D by torrents, I'm afraid you have to compress the 4K file size down. It is very considerate of the 3D video converter developer to enable the software to reduce 3D torrents large file size with very fast speed and high quality reserved. 

Tip 2. How to Watch 3D Movies on Kodi 

You need to grab the Phoenix 2.0 add-on first, once you have it installed, check out the 3D movies on Kodi that Phoenix and staael2014 have available. Access Phoenix from your video add-ons and then go into the staael2014 section and then click on the 3D Movies section.

From within the staael2014 section of 3D Movies on Kodi, you will see two categories for animated movies and non-animated movies. There are a tons of popular movies available in 3D like Avatar and Despicable Me! The movies are all in great 720p or 1080p quality and there are currently over 50 animated movies and over 70 non-animated movies available right now!

When you launch a 3D movie, you will see it launch in a side-by-side split screen view if you don't have 3D enabled. When you hit the 3D button on your TV Remote (if you run Kodi off a Kodi box through your TV) or enable 3D on whatever display you use, your side by side image will convert into a properly 3D overlay and you can put on your 3D glasses and watch! This is a great solution to make use of your Samsung 3D TV.

Tip 3. How to Stream from Kodi to Samsung Smart TV

The key feature for me is to stream from Kodi to Samsung smart TV or in another words send a video to samsung smart tv via UPnP. It allows content which is stored in its library and depending on the video format also video streamed from some addons directly to TV.

For example from addon 1channel. As mentioned depending in what format is the movie stored and if TV Supports it, for me worked movshare.net, cloudzilla.to, realvid.net

I didnt find a quick way to find out from which source the movie will be streamed. I just tried and noted down the one which worked. I suspect that it depends on the video format of the movie.

For example you have on your tablet, notebook, or mobile kodi and would like to see the movie on big screen of tv.

By using in the context menu play using and then chose the device.

Following settings have to be activated on kodi and reboot it to activate the function.

Here is a video to teach you: how to watch or view 3D Movies with KODI on TV:

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